Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Huh....tired, and excited!

Woke up and made my way to KLCC early this morning to have breakfast with my boss and two colleagues. Boss wanted to hand me a letter before leaving for his stint in America to gather himself some knowledge. It was excellent to see my friends again, I am starting to feel rather lonely at home now. Mum was reluctant at first to let her beloved daughter eat outside for the first time post transplant, but i promised her that I would only eat the food if the place looks clean. Ended up in Warung with a nasi lemak with sambal rendang (it looked clean and it was yummy) and a can of Chrysanthamum tea. I'm still alive now...thanks guys for inviting me out!

After breakfast, I walked around the mall for 1/2 hour, and took the opportunity to shop a bit since I was out and there was a sale. That should count as my exercise for the day. After that it was back in the car with mum, and off home we went. All the excitement tired me, and I slept for 2 hours after that...I guess I'm not that fit after all. Need to work a bit more on the stamina bit.

Ok ciao....